Difference between DC Motor and Brushless DC Motor

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DC Motor

The action of the commutator is to produce a fixed spatial distribution of current directions in the armature conductors independent of shaft rotation. The field created by these currents (armature reaction) is horizontally directed and is represented by the space vector Ia.

Fig-1: DC Machines Animation with the direction of Field and Armature current Filed

The field established by the excitation of the stator poles is directed along the vertical axis and is represented by the space vector λf . The electromagnetic torque may be expressed as

Te = k( Ia x λf  ).

Brushless DC Motor

The rotor flux density distribution produced by the permanent magnets is represented by the green space vector Br. A power-processing unit supplies three-phase currents to the stator windings in such a manner that the resultant stator current space vector Is is 90o ahead of the rotor flux vector.

what is brushless dc motor with animation
Fig:2 Brush-less DC Motor direction of fields and armature current field with Animation

The MMF distribution produced by the stator currents flowing in the stationary three-phase windings is equivalent to that produced by Is flowing in a single sinusoidally-distributed rotating winding whose magnetic axis lines up with Is as illustrated in this animation.

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